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Here’s something you should know about Jennifer Fearing. Win or lose, she doesn’t back down – and she will always out-work the other side. Some people rely on PAC accounts and intimidation, but Jennifer uses her skill, creativity and commitment to hard work to fight for her clients. Any possible pipeline to public opinion – she knows it, and it using it before you see it coming. I admire her persistence in a field that has a hard time wrapping their heads around someone like her.
— Shawnda Westly, former Executive Director, California Democratic Party
Jennifer is the bees’ knees! It’s a pleasure to work with and to know Jennifer. She continually challenges us to be fearless and inspires us to be better advocates and better people.
— Paul Towers, Organizing Director & Policy Advocate, Pesticide Action Network
Jennifer embodies all the ideals that a stellar non-profit advocate needs — tact, strategy, fierceness, candor, and insider knowledge. She gets things done and helps the causes she champions change our world for the better.
— Coalition partner
And Jennifer Fearing again proves she is the best of any lobbyist at getting the media’s attention.
— Jeremy White, Reporter
One of the most persistent and effective lobbyists in Sacramento, Jennifer Fearing went a perfect 6-for-6 on legislation in 2013. That impressive legislative record, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, places “her in the ranks of Sacramento’s most effective lobbyists.” Fearing’s passion for issues near and dear to her heart inspires others to become involved. She never gives up even under intense political pressure.
— CalNewsroom.com's The Capitol's 100 Best & Brightest
A lot of people want to do good. Jennifer is effective. And that’s different. She reaches out to people I wouldn’t have guessed could be reached. She is a master of creative coalitions. And she has a sixth sense for spotting and avoiding pitfalls that would pigeonhole her client.
— California State Assembly policy committee consultant
Aussies want trade ties, but must get past Jennifer Fearing.
— Dan Morain, former Sacramento Bee Editorial Page Editor
I find Jennifer to be an incredibly honest, bright and well-spoken individual.
— Judd Hanna, former California Department of Fish and Game Commissioner

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